How To Create Upsells & Order Bumps With CourseFunnels

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Looking for some ways to maximize profit from the courses you sell?

Upsell offers & order bumps are considered one of the best ways to increase profits from courses during the checkout process.

Imagine you’re planning to buy a YouTube marketing course and while checking out you got a 50% off on your course if bought along with a short Twitter guide. Aren’t they tempting?

You might have even bought a thing or two. Isn’t it?

These are amazing sales techniques to generate additional sales along with the normal sales that were about to happen and have been used in both offline and online markets as long as businesses have come into being.

In this blog, we are going to talk about the two amazing sales-boosting techniques known as upselling and order bumps that can help your business get more sales out of a single potential lead.

So let’s get going!

What are upsell offers?

Upselling is a technique by which a salesman persuades a customer to buy an add-on or upgrade to a more expensive version of the product they just purchased.

This is usually done after the customer is done with the checkout and is ready to leave the store.

Now, this is traditional upselling but in an online scenario, there is no salesman; it’s the potential lead and the website or app they are scrolling through. So, how would you do upselling online?

Believe it or not, upselling online is even easier. 

The most significant disadvantage of offline selling is that you can only upsell to the customer only when they are physically present in the store. However, there are no such limitations online. 

Even if the customer checks out and closes the website you can do upselling through personalized marketing such as sending them an email about the sale on a particular product that will go well with the latest thing they purchased.

Key benefits of Upselling

  • Helps businesses connect better with their existing customers
  • Sell more with fewer efforts
  • Generating new leads is hard for a business so nurturing old existing customers is the key to increasing profits.
  • Helps to understand the customer’s needs and requirements better
  • Improve brand loyalty

Few examples of excellent upselling offers

  • Supose you run a eCom store. A customer just bought a nice dress. Once they finished checking out you can mail them thanking them for the purchase and also include a few accessories that they might want to check out that will go along with it.
  • Suppose you run a service website and a customer has just taken a free or a 7-day package. You can upsell a monthly subscription plan for the same service.

How to create upsell offers with CourseFunnels?

CourseFunnels is a self-hosted training platform that can turn your courses into effective funnels and bring you sales. Creating upsell offers with CourseFunnels is quite easy. Let’s check out the process.

  1. Login to your CourseFunnels account.
  2. Select the option of CourseFunnels under the course option visible in the sidebar menu. 
  3. Select your desired funnel in which you want to create upsell offer.
  4. For creating upsell offer you need to create OTO pages. 
  5. Create a new page from “+ Add New” and name it OTO1, OTO2 as much as you need.
  6. Then, select the OTO page and click on settings and choose the page category as OTO then, save.
  7. After that, you can proceed with selecting the template for your OTO pages. Now, move this OTO page before the order form.
  8. Also, you need to create a checkout page for it, so that users can show all the product lists which are going to the payment section. 
  9. Create a checkout page and place it below your OTO page. 
  10. After creating your checkout page select the page and click on settings and choose the page category as “Checkout” and save it. 
  11. Now, if you want to add your products then, click on edit the page for OTO. 
  12. Once your editor is open, select the button at which you want to add products. 
  13. When you selected the button for edit, you will see an option of “Create link” on the right side of the menu. 
  14. Select “Yes” from the drop-down menu of Create link. 
  15. After that move to “OTO link”, there select the option “OTO Product Link”  from the drop-down option. 
  16.  And in the section of “OTO Product ID” add the ID of the product you want to add(Don’t select the course which you have added to the order page.)
  17. In the “Next OTO Link” add the link of the “Checkout page”, if you have more than one OTO page then add the next OTO page link. 
  18. And if you want to allow visitors to not include this product in the checkout, then select the button on which you want to add this option. 
  19. Once you select the button, then go to the option of “Create Link” and select “Yes” from the drop-down menu. 
  20. And, in the “OTO link” section select the OTO exit link and then, add the product ID and then in “Next OTO Link” add the link to the checkout page or the next OTO page link. 
  21. Save the changes. 

This is how you can create upsell offers with CourseFunnels. You can see the changes on your website when you add additional products. It’s optional for visitors as they can remove them from the checkout page. 

What is an order bump?

An order bump is a great tactic to make people buy more than they were planning to buy. Unlike upselling offers that happen only after the purchase is done, order bumps or bumps can happen while making an order.

Order bumps can be placed after the customer adds a product to the cart as a pop-up saying people also bought along.

These are mostly add-on products that will complement the product that the customer is already purchasing. Order bumps can only be done before the customer finishes placing the order i.e. before checkout.

Key benefits of Order Bumps

  • Increases profit margins per booking
  • Helps to sell items that might otherwise have fewer purchases
  • Improves the money spent to acquire a lead to sales generated ratio

Few examples of excellent upselling offers

  • Suppose a client is purchasing an induction cooker you might want to recommend some induction-friendly cookware items on the checkout page.
  • If you sell courses online and a customer has just added a Social Media Marketing course in his cart, while he checks out you can recommend him to buy a outreach marketing course as well saying that most people are buying both together.

How to create an order bump with CourseFunnels?

Did you buy CourseFunnels? There are two methods to create order bumps:

  1. By adding the optional products on the order form
  • Login to your CourseFunnels account.
  • Go to your Course Content from the dropdown of courses.
  • You can create a new course or click on the edit course button.
  • In the price menu of the products, you can see “Select Extra Courses”.
  • Click on it and select “Your Extra Courses” which you want to add to the order form.
  • Now, go to your order form and click on the edit existing page.
  • Hover on your field and you’ll see a “+” icon then, click on it.
  • In the search bar type “Checkbox”, and click on it and it will be added to your section or field.
  • Now on your page(in the editor) click on the checkbox, and on your right-hand side, you’ll see the value option, enter your product ID and in the input name field select optional courses.
  • Now save changes, if you want to add more follow the same process.

This is how your order bump will be ready in CourseFunnels 

  1. Through the OTO pages or upsell pages.
  • First, you need the create the OTO pages to apply the order bump.
  • After that follow the process of creating upsell from 12 to 20.


So what are you waiting for? Upselling and Order Bumps are a great way to increase profits and decrease expenses to acquire leads and sales made per lead ratio.

If you’re a course creator, then CourseFunnels is the right tool for you!

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